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About Us

Evelyn Reiss

Evelyn Reiss

B.Sc., M.A.

Evelyn Reiss is Director of Claremont Educational Services, Inc. and Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham. Evelyn created the Great Word House™ to enable teachers all over the world to provide quality English language lessons for students everywhere.

Bas Bloemink

Bas Bloemink

Bas Bloemink, B.Sc. is a graduate of the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. He is a senior software engineer and systems analyst at Hexapole, BV. Bas has worked in China, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom managing business IT projects in the distribution sector and steel industry. Bas is co-creator of the Great Word House™.

Our International Writing Team


Rachael Horwitz

Hi! My name is Rachael. I have a degree in Politics and International Relations from Reading University, UK and have experience in teaching English to foreign learners, as well as a few years working in the education and publishing sector in Oxford. I enjoy creative writing and and illustrating the alphabet and am happy to be part of this project.


Jeff Butterfield

Mr. Butterfield

I am a drummer and music teacher. I have enjoyed writing for the GWH and I will never look at the English language in the same way again.

Matt Beam

Matt Beam

I am a writer of young adult fiction, self-help non-fiction, personal-essay journalism and tens of passages using Greek and Latin roots. Having cut my linguistic teeth on ESL English, I have now begun a new journey deep into the world of Great Word House Practical Linguistics.


Pikku and Alan Vichert

Pikku and Alan Vichert

We are the writing team in Spain, having recently moved here from Ecuador. We enjoy exploring the hills of Granada and learning Spanish, but nothing is as exciting as writing stories using Greek and Latin roots.

The Technical Part

Neil Haverty

Neil Haverty - Videographer

Neil Haverty is a freelance media producer, specializing in video, music and web content. Not only the Great Word House videographer, he is also Creative Director for the Prism Prize (Canada), founding band member of Bruce Peninsula and film composer. His past clients include The Toronto International Book Fair, Cake & Loaf Bakery and the Government of Canada.

Hexapole, Netherlands



The Great Word House™ is built and hosted by Hexapole Services BV: Intelligent Software Solutions. Our company, based in the Netherlands, creates tailor made programs and database management tools. We are committed to quality and a drive to deliver robust software applications.