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Instructional Videos

VideosThe Great Word House™ program is supported by clear concise instructional videos on all aspects of the program:

Terminology, linguistic concepts, teaching strategies, lesson planning and spelling rules. Each video is accompanied with downloadable resources to support understanding and lesson planning.

Our videos explain all the elements necessary for effective lesson plan and demonstrate field-tested procedures and strategies. Terminology is explained concisely and accurately.

There are two categories: Anglo-Saxon and Latin/Greek

Anglo-Saxon contains videos on the following topics:

  • Lesson Planning: drills, spelling and reading exercises
  • Teaching Phonological Awareness: definitions, strategies for enhancing this essential ability, prosody, punctuation
  • Teaching the Alphabet: definitions, characteristics
  • Reading: words, phrases, passages, miscues, sight words, syllable types, syllable division
  • Spelling: SOS, dictation, rules and generalizations


  • Advanced VAKT Drill: Affix and stem drills
  • Blending with Morphemes: synthesizing morphemes
  • Advanced SOS: spelling complex words