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The Great Word House™ program is an interactive teaching tool for Kindergarten, Elementary, ESL, ELL, Orton-Gillingham/M-SL and homeschool teachers. Anglo Saxon Lesson Plans build foundational literacy skills. Latin and Greek Morphology Lesson Plans build comprehension and prepare students for High School, SAT's and entrance exams to college/university. Use this powerhouse to create lesson plans for any grade level, class or individual student. Teacher Training is included! The Great Word House™ team will provide on-site Teacher Training and our program will deliver quality controlled lesson plans, saving time for teachers and supervisors.


VAKT packages introduce individual graphemes. The packages guide teachers through the process of introducing new letters or letter combinations to the...

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Create your own lesson plans using our Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Greek resource database. Each lesson package contains definitions of terminology used, word lists...

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Enhance Phonological Awareness through a full range of exercises that support your lesson plan. Choose from Phoneme Isolation Exercises (PIE), Odd Man Out...

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The Great Word House™ program is supported by clear concise instructional videos on all aspects of the program: Terminology, linguistic concepts, teaching...

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Latin and Greek Lesson Plans teach vocabulary, comprehension and reading fluency. Every Lesson Plan has a range of writing activities.

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We make planning easy and fast at every level. We will deliver quality lessons customized to your needs quickly and efficiently. Cut down on buying costly resources and time combing through books, sheets and manuals.

This is a one-stop OG hub.

Our Scope and Sequence is meticulous. Instruction of word lists, sentences, passages and activities are based on graphemes taught. Customized lesson plans deliver systematic and structured curriculum for all learners.

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