Part 2 Course Curriculum

Orton-Gillingham (OG)
Multi-sensory Structured Literacy Part 2
Online Course

The focus of Part 2 course is the instruction of advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be implemented directly into your therapeutic practice for individuals, small groups or classrooms.

A comprehensive set of materials and manual is included in the course. Each participant will receive a 3-month membership to the Great Word House™ interactive lesson planning resource. You may begin your practicum immediately after completing this course. Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2 if you are pursuing Orton-Gillingham Structured Literacy Teacher certification.

In this 40-hour course trainees will learn:

  • Stages of Spelling and Writing Development
  • Teaching 2-syllable words, with affixes
  • Intake Screening
  • Creating a Student Profile
  • Standardized and Criterion Referenced Testing
  • Written Expression: Grammar, Syntax, Sentences, Paragraphs
  • Expository and Narrative Writing
  • Latin Morphology: Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots
  • Advanced Multisensory Structured Language Techniques
  • Reading, Writing Research-based Best Practices
  • Text Analysis and Differentiation
  • Advanced OG Lesson Planning
Orton-Gillingham cards


OG Structured Literacy Teacher (OGSL)
The practicum is necessary for certification. You can sign up for the practicum separately once the course is completed or you can sign up for the course and practicum together. The OGSL Teacher practicum consists of 150 hours of lesson supervision and 10 lesson observations submitted digitally. The 50 hours of Classroom Educator practicum will reduce the total requirement to 100 hours.

Part 2 Scope and Sequence

The sequence described below may vary depending on the prior training of the participants.

Module 1

  • Models of Reading Skill Acquisition
  • Stages of Reading and Writing Development

Module 2

  • Intake Screening
  • Creating a Student Profile

Module 3

  • ­Standardized Cognitive Assessment
  • Psycho-educational Testing:Terminology and Interpretation
  • Academic Testing

Module 4

  • Review of Syllable Types
  • W Effect
  • Ambiguous Syllable Types
  • Unusual Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondences

Module 5

  • Teaching Silent Letters
  • Words of Old French Origin

Module 6

  • Spelling Rules
  • Spelling Games

Module 7

  • The Art of the Sentence
  • Parts of Speech, Conjunctions
  • Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex Sentences

Module 8

  • The Paragraph
  • Purposes of a Paragraph

Module 9

  • Teaching Narrative
  • Plot Structure

Module 10

  • Latin Derivations
  • Terminology
  • Assimilated Prefixes
  • Latin Roots

Module 11

  • Latin Connectives
  • Accent Placement
  • Ligatured du and tu

Module 12

  • Latin Lesson Planning
  • Morphology Drills

Module 13

  • Teaching Vocabulary Best Practices
  • 2+ Syllable Words
  • Advanced Sight Words

Module 14

  • Text Analysis
  • Differentiation
  • Subject Specific Terminology

Module 15

  • Literacy Curriculum
  • Levels 1 – 14
  • Presentations

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