Who Is This For?


Student workbooks, reading materials and drill packs support students by providing on-going review or for consolidating learning during school breaks.

The Great Word House™ Program
Teacher Training Course

Teachers, Tutors and Home Schooling Instructors

Our teaching guides, lesson plans and supporting materials are an essential component of any literacy program. Additionally, GWH™ has concept videos and a comprehensive scope and sequence to guide instructors in all key principles as well as online lessons for students.

The GWH™ Lesson planner extends through Levels 1 – 15, starting at pre-school Level 1 to high school/university Level 15. Whether your students are ESL, dyslexic, early elementary or high school, the GWH™ systematic curriculum will build strong reading skills and teach essential vocabulary in easy steps.

Our lessons can be delivered in large classes, small groups or one-on-one. The structured literacy approach informed by Orton-Gillingham methodology and pedagogy makes our unique programs suitable for all those learning the English language.